Fall 2018 Workshops

  • 9/17 Introduction to Graduate Writing 
    Whether you’re beginning your graduate study years after you’ve completed your undergraduate study or you’re fresh out of undergraduate school, all graduate students will benefit from an overview of graduate writing. This workshop discusses the expectations of graduate writing (bringing to light how they differ from the expectations of undergraduate writing). The Graduate Writing Assistant will introduce ways to meet those expectations, debunking the myths of writing that inhibit the development of graduate student voices in writing.
  • 10/15 Effective Paraphrasing 
    The fine lines between directly quoting, paraphrasing, and original thought are not always clear. This workshop will define paraphrasing in its many forms and review exercises that illustrate effective ways of processing information and reproducing it to advance your argument and avoid patch and idea plagiarism. Paraphrasing is a helpful technique that, if used properly, allows you to maintain your voice throughout your paper while incorporating and discussing the ideas of others. The Graduate Writing Assistant will also cover ways in which you can incorporate in-text citations in various ways to keep your citations from becoming redundant or feeling formulaic. 
  • 11/26 Navigating Roadblocks in Writing Assignments 
    In a perfect world, writing would be a perfectly structured and predictable process; however, the writing process is messy and filled with many unforeseen twists and turns. This workshop will discuss and work through the various roadblocks you may face when working on your writing assignments and provide tips for how to navigate them. Initially, roadblocks may seem like inhibitors or obstacles that slow down or over-complicate the writing process. The Graduate Writing Assistant will also introduce ways to accept and embrace how roadblocks have the potential to steer you in the right direction. 

All workshops will take place from 5-5:45pm in the Writer’s House (305 Cooper Street, Rear Entrance)

Presented by Breanna Ransome, Graduate Writing Assistant

Supported by the Graduate School