Start Your Master’s While You Complete Your Bachelor’s Degree

Program Overview

Save time! Enroll in graduate courses during your senior year that count towards both your bachelors and master’s degree. You may take up to three courses (four for the MPA program).

Save money! Graduate-level courses taken during the fall and spring semesters of your senior year are billed at the undergraduate tuition rate. 

Program Options

Apply to the Accelerated Program: Junior Year

First Semester Junior Year

Interested students should meet with the Graduate Program Director to determine eligibility. 

Second Semester Junior Year

  1. Apply to the program through the Graduate Program Director.
  2. If accepted, you work with the Graduate Director to determine what course to enroll in for the first semester of your senior year. 

Register for Graduate School Courses

Second Semester Junior Year

During pre-registration advising, using a special permission number and the Accelerated Degree G Prefix Approval Form [DocuSign Form]register for ONE graduate course (500 or 600 level) for the first semester of your senior year. This course is  taken along with your regular undergraduate courses. 

First Semester Senior Year
Following the registration procedure described above, register for one or two graduate courses (500 or 600 level) to be taken in the spring semester of the senior year. Be sure to submit an Accelerated Degree G Prefix Approval Form [DocuSign Form] for each course.

Apply to the Graduate School

Second Semester Senior Year

  1. Apply to the Graduate School, following all normal procedures.
  2. You are awarded the Baccalaureate degree.
  3. If you are formally admitted to the graduate school, you may begin taking courses after graduation. 

Keep in Mind

  1. Students may not take more than three graduate courses while an undergraduate student. (Exception: the BA/MPA programs allow students to take four graduate courses while an undergraduate student.)
  2. Students will not be classified as a graduate student and coded school 56 until the bachelor’s degree has been awarded and the student has applied to and been accepted to the master’s program.

Questions about this option should be directed to the appropriate graduate program director.


Email the Graduate School at or call (856) 225-6149.