The graduate program in liberal studies, is a cross-disciplinary, 30-credit program leading to a master of arts degree and offering a broad range of courses in literature, history, philosophy, religion, social sciences, and the arts. It is intended to provide students with the kind of intellectual stimulation that comes from working with a highly qualified faculty of expert scholars in a variety of disciplines, and with fellow students from diverse backgrounds.

The program is designed for mature students with varied work and life experiences. Small classes encourage the in-depth exploration of ideas. Classes meet at convenient times, either in the late afternoon or early evening. Online classes are also available, and you may complete the entire degree online.

Graduate Liberal Studies may be just right for you if:

  • you like to read and then discuss the ideas your reading has generated
  • you have intellectual interests that you wish to explore and cross-fertilize
  • you wish to acquire knowledge beyond the professional specialty in which you are already an expert

Admission Requirements

  • A transcript showing the completion of an undergraduate degree (3.0 GPA preferred)
  • Two letters of recommendation. These should be from former professors or other people who can comment on your intellectual abilities and academic skills.
  • A writing sample. An undergraduate research paper is ideal, or something that shows your ability to do academic writing.
  • A personal statement. Please explain why you are applying to the program, what your intellectual interests are, and what you hope to gain from participating.

Admission Deadlines:
Fall Priority Deadline: March 1st; Fall Final Deadline: August 15th
Spring Deadline: December 15th

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Degree Requirements

30 total credits

  • Courses in at least three different academic disciplines
  • At least two courses (6 credits) in humanities (art, history, literature, philosophy, religion, etc.)
  • At least two courses (6 credits) in social sciences (anthropology, psychology, political science, sociology, criminal justice, etc.)
  • One course on either non-western cultures or issues pertaining to gender and/or minorities
  • A capstone research project (3 credits), culminating in a 25-35 page paper written under faculty supervision