Domestic graduate students are encouraged to submit a FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) application each academic year. The Rutgers University school code is 002629.

Graduate School Scholarships

The Graduate School at Rutgers University–Camden offers competitive funding for our graduate students. To apply for funding, check off the box on the online program application that states that you would like to be considered for financial awards. No separate application is needed. Apply online at 

Dean’s Graduate Scholarship
These scholarships are awarded to high-achieving, matriculated students to our graduate programs and are determined by each department’s funding committee and graduate program director. 

Dean’s Competitive Scholarship for Out-of-State Students
This scholarship is awarded on a competitive basis to incoming, domestic master’s applicants who are out-of-state.  The scholarship covers the tuition cost differential between in-state and out-of-state tuition full-time students taking a minimum of 9 credits, up to 12 credits per semester for up to 4 sequential semesters (2 academic years, fall and spring semesters only). Students are nominated by each department.

International Chancellor’s Scholarships

The Graduate School International Chancellor’s Scholarships are available to all non-sponsored, international F-1 applicants who meet the requirements and enroll full time in a master’s or doctoral degree program in the Graduate School. All scholarship recipients must meet the international admissions criteria. Additional information may be found on the Admission website.

Graduate School International Chancellor’s Scholarship
$10,000 scholarship ($5,000/semester) if GRE is waived or GRE score less than 150

Graduate School International Chancellor’s Merit Scholarship
$12,000 scholarship ($6,000/semester) if GRE score is between 151 and 157
$14,000 scholarship ($7,000/semester) if GRE score is 158 or higher

University Fellowships

Graduate Program Directors nominate exceptional candidates for University Fellowships.

Presidential Fellows
One Presidential Fellowship will be awarded to an incoming graduate student in a doctoral program selected for a TA/GA position. This award carries a stipend of $15,000 per year and may be renewed up to three years. 

Bunche Fellowship
Two Bunche Fellowships will be awarded to an incoming graduate student representing a diversity population.  The fellowship includes a stipend plus tuition remission. 

Hazel Vera Dean Fellowship
The Hazel Vera Dean fellowship is a scholarship awarded to one graduate student who is a resident of New Jersey who shows financial need.

Trustee Fellowship in the Humanities and Social Sciences
One Trustee Fellowship will be awarded to a student representing a diversity population and pursuing a master’s degree likely to lead to a Ph.D. in the same field. The fellowship includes a stipend and tuition remission. 

Other University Funding 

Eagleton Fellowship Program
Please note there is a separate application process to receive the Eagleton Fellowship. The application deadline for fall 2020 will be in early spring 2020.
The Eagleton Institute of Politics offers interdisciplinary fellowships that provide select Rutgers graduate students the opportunity to further their understanding of the practice of American politics, government, and public affairs while connecting the fellowship experience to their chosen fields of study. Eagleton has offered these prestigious fellowships since 1956.

Graduate Departmental Scholarships

Creative Writing Interdisciplinary Fellowship (MFA)
The Creative Writing Interdisciplinary Fellowship provides exceptional students a stipend and tuition and fee remission. The Graduate Program Committee evaluates and selects applicants for this funding.

History Fellowship (MA)
The History Fellowship provides exceptional students with a stipend and tuition remission. The Graduate Program Committee evaluates and selects applicants for this funding. Additional information may be found at

Psychology Fellowship (MA)
The Psychology Fellowship provides exceptional students with a tuition remission. The Graduate Program Committee evaluates and selects applicants for this funding. 

Public Administration – Coverdell Fellowship (MPA)
Coverdell Fellowships are awarded annually on a competitive basis to RPCV’s who wish to pursue the Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree at Rutgers-Camden. Additional information can be found at

Graduate and Teaching Assistantships

Teaching and Graduate Assistantships are awarded by the department’s admissions committee and graduate program director to top full time applicants.  These positions include full tuition remission, a generous stipend, and health benefits.   Our programs that offer either teaching or graduate assistantships are:

Need-Based Aid

To apply for Federal and New Jersey financial aid programs, file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for each school year that you are seeking assistance. The Office of Financial Aid recommends filing the FAFSA by January 15, unless your program specifies an earlier financial aid or admission application deadline. Additional information may be found at

What is Need-Based Aid?

Financial need for need-based aid is the difference between the cost of attendance (tuition and fees, books, room and board, transportation, and other education-related expenses) and expected family contribution (EFC, calculated from FAFSA information) for the period of enrollment.